Velo-city 2018 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“European Cyclists’ Federation’s Velo-city series of conferences is widely considered as the premier international planning conferences on cycling. The conferences are designed to encourage cycling as part of daily transport and recreation.”

Velo-city began in 1980 in Bremen, Germany and since 2010, annually brings together engineers, planners, architects, social marketers, academic researchers, environmentalists, business, and industry representatives to form international partnerships to deliver benefits worldwide. Conferences are held every odd numbered year in Europe. 2018 being an even numbered year, the conference will be taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from June 12-15. This year’s focus will be on Access to Life, linked to the overall goal of cycling inclusion.

The goals of the Velo-city conferences are to:

  • Spread high quality knowledge, good new information about cycling, and transport planning at the international level.

  • Cities with good cycling policies showcase the benefits they provide to their citizens, businesses and others through the conference generated publicity.

  • Encourage the recognition of cycling as an efficient, healthy, environmentally-friendly mode of transport, and to promote its greater use.

  • Integration of cycle planning into transport, land-use planning and other relevant policy sectors where cycling plays an important role.

  • Seek involvement from all relevant stakeholders.

Tickets are available on the Velo-city registration page. Prices start at $270USD for participants and speakers from Latin America to $800USD for full price after April 15th. The early bird price is $700USD until April 15th.

What is the ECF

The European Cyclists’ Federation was founded in 1983 to promote cycling as a sustainable and healthy means of transportation and recreation. The ECF serves as an umbrella federation for cycling organisations in Europe and around the world. ECF aims to raise the status of cycling, encourage consideration of cyclists’ needs, support member organisations, undertake research, enhance information and advice, exchange information and expertise between member organisations, and provide information and expertise to raise awareness.

“The European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) is pledged to ensure that bicycle use achieves its fullest potential so as to bring about sustainable mobility and public well-being. To achieve these aims, ECF seeks to change attitudes, policies and budget allocations at the European level. ECF will stimulate and organise the exchange of information and expertise on bicycle related transport policies and strategies as well as the work of the cyclists’ movement.”

– Annual general report 2010

The organisation is responsible for many events and campaigns worldwide, including #worldbicycleday, Bike2work, and EuroVelo.

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