When it comes to other drivers on the road, many people in Jamaica can agree on one thing. There are too many people speeding on our main roads. Speeding is behind so many fatal car accidents each year. One method many cities are using to slow traffic and ensure the safety for all is to create infrastructure that forces motor-vehicle drivers to proceed at speeds that are moderate and safe.

This video by Protected Intersections For Bicyclists shows an intersection that protects the most vulnerable travellers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Everyone gets to where they’re going but each traveller is forced to pay attention to the others around them. Pedestrians and cyclists are given priority and paths are separated for cyclists and pedestrians. Parking is even added for cities that would require it. And if no parking is needed that space can easily be used for trees to keep cycle paths and sidewalks shady and cool. Of course, this is not a solution that is applicable for every intersection but it is certainly one that deserves a closer look.

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